KeroVee AutoTune

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g200kg create one application that is very useful for vocal, namely KeroVee ynag useful to correct and fix phitch the wrong. The workings of this KeroVee applications like any other VST effects, it is very easy to install, easy to use and free download.

You only need KeroVee.dll with your VST compatible host application. KeroVee is focused to so-called 'Autotune effect' or 'T-Pain effect', that is robotic but different from the vocoder. KeroVee can mix outputs of two independent transposed pitch-corrector and bypassed the output.

KeroVee was developed at the time of 3/27/2010, when it was version 1, and further developed until now has reached version 1.52. This means that these applications continue to experience change and further refined by developers.

If you want to know how to install this KeroVee, is easy enough, as follows:
Just place

  • KeroVee.dll to your plugins directry.

  • Insert KeroVee to audio tracks.

  • Route the MIDI signal to KeroVee if you want to use the 'TuneTo MIDI' function.

  • Once installed, you can view this short video, a demo of KeroVee which can be considered as a tutorial in its use:

    On his official website you can also find a demo KeroVee result of, among others:
    • Original sound kerovee-1.mp3
    • Pitch Correction Demo kerovee-2.mp3
    • Pitch Correction with orginal+transpose mix kerovee-3.mp3
    • Demo Song: "30cm featuring KeroVee" 30cm.mp3
    • Demo Song: "30cm featuring KeroVee(formant preserved version)" 30cm-2.mp3
    • Formant tweak demo (Original)
    • Formant tweak demo (MaleToFemale)
    • Formant tweak demo (FemaleToMale)
    • Formant tweak demo (Mix)
    After studying it, it's time you decide to download and immediately put it on your computer. Please download, the following features of KeroVee:
    Features / controls:

    * Scale Buttons 'C' to 'B' Specify the 'Allowed' note.
    * Speed: Tuning Speed. May be robotic if set to '100=MAX'.
    * Scale select button.
    * TuneTo: MIDI/Scale

    o If enabled both, the MIDI note is prior, but scale tuning is effective after notes are "offed".
    o If not enabled both, the output pitch is follow to the input pitch, but be tweaked by transpose and formant parameters.

    * Bypass: Bypassed output of source sounds.
    * Tone1/Tone2:

    o Two independent Pitch-correctors output.
    o Level: output level.
    o Pan: output pan (Note that the audio track must be stereo).
    o Transpose: transpose output pitch.
    o Fine: fine tuning of the output pitch.
    o Shift: formant shift.
    o Presv: formant shift mode.

    + On: formant is preserved. Independent to the pitch correction. Formant shift is still effective in this mode.
    + Off: formant is changed depend to output pitch.

    KeroVee Download
    You are welcome to download and use KeroVee. Please give them any suggestions you may have for new features and improvements.