GTG DrumSampler II

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Do you have a large collection of drum sound? you need a place to put that then to arranged to be a cool drum section. The following are free of artificial GTG Synth VSTi, a virtual drum instrument you can use according to your needs.
GTG DrumSampler II is the latest version of GTG DrumSampler before, has a simple appearance, easy to use and very flexible.

I highly recommend you to choose the virtual drums, I also use them often. I filled the snare and kick (recordings) in the GTG this drum and began arranging, and the results are really good, because I can sample it from a good recording. If you are interested, you can read the features below, soon download and beating your drum.
  • 10 user-sample slots.
  • Individual volume, pan and reverb settings.
  • Adjustable reverb unit.
  • Visual feedback (light effect) on each drum.
  • All parameters are automatable.
  • 64 user-presets.
 GTG DrumSampler II Download
You are welcome to download and use GTG DrumSampler II. Please give them any suggestions you may have for new features and improvements.